Samish Indian Nation received a grant in 2010 from Administration for Native Americans to build capacity for Language preservation. As a part of this project, the Tribe is developing an online dictionary based on the published work done by the linguist Brent Galloway, PhD. Over twenty five years ago Victor Underwood Sr. and Lena Daniels, two fluent speakers of the Samish dialect, agreed to be interviewed and recorded. The voices of those elders can be heard repeating the words in our dictionary. We are forever grateful for the vocal gifts they shared so generously and the chance now for a younger generation to keep their breath alive.

Please check back as the program is growing.

September 2014:

We are excited that our Language Program continues to grow with the addition of staff and ideas.

Our newest Language Program Coordinator has started a weekly session with our Elders who gather for lunch every Wednesday at our Administration Building.

They have started our:  Sqwál e tse Wí:k  (Words of the Week).  Guided by the interest and questions of the group, every week will share a new idea and small lesson.  Here is the place to find the new sharing:  Click the title to see and hear what we’ve been working on:

Sqwál e tse Wí:k


Recent Work: click title to follow link

February 2014: Geneology