Tribal Government

2016 General Election Endorsements for Federal and Washington State races

The Tribe’s Strategic Plan identifies Goal 1 as to Exercise political influence for the benefit of our tribal members and encourage their participation in political processes.

The leadership believes in a strong democratic process, where every vote counts, and actively encourage each of our US members of voting age to exercise the right to vote this November.

Tribal Council has worked carefully with State and Federal Lobbyists to outline candidates and issues Samish Nation supports and offers these recommendations to members for consideration.

Samish Indian Nation Tribal Council

The mission of the Samish Indian Nation is to use the talents, knowledge and skills of tribal members to preserve and strengthen our culture and to ensure quality of life, prosperity, health and education for all members through progressive, diversified tribal and individual enterprises that sustain our Nation into the future.

Samish Tribal Council Meetings
(Tribal Council meetings in yellow have already been conducted, if you would like to view the minutes from these meetings please go to our members only site.  Minutes for the Tribal Council meeting are not posted until Tribal Council approves them at the following months meeting.)

Samish Tribal Council declared that monthly Council meetings for 2016 will be held on:
February 6
March 5
April 2
April 30
May 21
June 26: General Meeting
July 23
August 20
September 17
October 15
November 5
December 10

Tribal Chairman
Tom Wooten
Vice Chair
Tim King

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Tamara Rogerstamara_rogers_4
Jenna Strandjenna_burnett_1
Gary D. Hatchgary_hatch_5
Dave Blackintondave_blackinton_1