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October 25, 2017 - GoAnacortes: Carvers showcase talents at 98221 Studio Tour

August 14, 2017 - Indian Country Today: Interest in Canoe Journey Grows - in Perugia, Italy

August 13, 2017 - GoSkagit: Fidalgo Bay Day

August 12, 2017 - GoSkagit: Samish Indian Nation shares culture at Skagit County Fair

July 20, 2017 - Indianz.com: Samish Nation still waiting for decisions on land-into-trust applications

July 17, 2017 - MotherJones: Indigenous People Plan to Honor a Treaty that Trump Wont - They are committed to the Paris Agreement.

July 12, 2017 - GoAnacortes: City supports Samish effort to move land to trust

July 11, 2017 - WesternToday: Huxley's Marco Hatch conducting summer field work in the San Juans

July 6, 2017 - Yes! Magazine: Why Coastal Tribes Are Growing Clam Gardens That Look Like Asian Rice Fields

June 7, 2017 - GoAnacortes: Celebration at state park honors history, culture of canoe families

June 5, 2017 - The Islands' Sounder: Iceberg Point dig could locate artifacts, but harm native wildflowers

June 2, 2017 - Tacoma Daily Index: Canoe Families host celebrations at Deception Pass State Park Saturday, June 3rd; Millersylvania, June 10th

May 24, 2017 - KUOW.org: Some islanders don't dig federal plan to dig in San Juan Islands monument

April 4, 2017 - San Juan Islander: Fidalgo Bay Submerged: A landscape analysis perspective

March 22, 2017 - GoAnacortes: Tribe's possible boundary change causes concern

March 19, 2017 - GoSkagit: Concerns remain over Swinomish boundaries

February 22, 2017 - GoSkagit: Samish weigh in on Swinomish boundaries


December 5, 2016 - The Seattle Times: The road to sovereignty: Western state treaties

September 11, 2016 – GoSkagit: Uncertainty Looms Over Upcoming Water, Fish Consumption Rule

Septembr 4, 2016 – GoSkagit: Bringing Back the Olympia Oyster

August 10, 2016 – Anacortes American: Thompson Trestle, Causeway Eyed for Replacement

May 31, 2016 – Ensia: Researchers around the world are learning from indigenous communities. Here's why that's a good thing.

April 25, 2016 – Indian Country Today: For the Pacific Fisher, aka Sxwemechen: Positive Signs, but no Endangered-Species Listing

January 29, 2016 – Whidbey News-Times: Unearthed Native American remains won't delay sewer plant project in Oak Harbor

January 26, 2016 - Samish Indian Nation documentary garners national attention


December 16, 2015: GoSkagit - County, Samish Indian Nation sign compensation agreement.

September 30, 2015: The Stranger - "It's Time to Free Lolita, a Puget Sound Killer Whale That's Been Held Captive in Florida for 45 Years"

September 27, 2015: Panel Discussion about Treaty Rights and Federal Recognition aired on the Seattle Channel.

August 5, 2015: GoAnacortes - " 'Maiden of Deception Pass' film tells story of Samish people"

June 28, 2015: Indian Country Today - "Want to See Great Native Art? Take A Ferry Ride"

June 22, 2015: Calling all Skagit County residents, please participate in this survey on Quality of Life in Skagit.

June 19, 2015: The Seattle Times - "Northwest's first citizens develop tribal tourism"

May 26, 2015: Indian Country Today - "Big Two Months for the Samish Nation: Repatriation, Ferry Naming"

May 14, 2015: Goskagit.com: New 144-car Ferry to Set Sail This Summer in Anacortes

April 30, 2015: Indian Country Today - "10 Things You Should Know About the Samish Nation"

April 1, 2015: Northwest Hawaii Ohana Newsletter, April 2015: Bridge of Aloha Festival with Special Opening Ceremony Honoring Samish

March 27, 2015: San Juan Islander: Samish Land in County Permanently Protected if Bill Passes

March 25, 2015. Goskagit.com: Bill would put some Samish tribal property into federal trust


September 29, 2014. Anacortes Now: Samish DEIS Hearing 9-18-14 Follow Up Article

September 3, 2014. Anacortes American: Samish helping state remove shoreline structures that hurt habitat

July 9, 2014. Sanjuanjournal.com: Transfer of ancient Samish canoe builds bridges to the past

July 9, 2014. IndianCountryTodayNetwork.com: Return of the Old One: Historical Society Repatriates Samish Canoe to Tribe

June 19, 2014. Goanacortes.com: Celebration Honors Native American Culture.

June 12, 2014. Mukilteo Beacon.com: Tokitae Joins State Fleet.

April 28, 2014. The new Samish ferry in dry dock at Vigor Shipyard in Tacoma, under construction. 



January 22, 2014. Goanacortes.com: Woven Cedar Hats Honor Samish Culture.


July 23, 2013. House of Natural Resources Committee: Legislative Hearing on H.R. 1225

April 1, 2013. Komo News: San Juan Islands Celebrate National Monument Designation

March 9, 2013. West Seattle Blog: All eyes on ferry-in-progress Samish during governor's Vigor visit


November 21, 2012. Anacortes American: State ferry named Samish.

November 14, 2012. The Olympian: New state ferries get regional tribal names.

November 14, 2012. Skagit Valley Herald: New State Ferry named after Samish tribe.

November 14, 2012. The News Tribune. 2 New Washington ferries named Samish, Tokitae.

November 13, 2012. Anacortes American: State Ferry named for Samish.

November 13, 2012. Miami Herald: 2 New Washington Ferries Named Samish, Tokitae.

November 13, 2012. The Seattle Times: New ferry names Decided: Samish and Tokitae.

November 13, 2012. Seattle PI: 2 New ferries named Samish, Tokitae.

Flickr Page of photos of the New 144-Car ferries by the Washington State Department of Transportation, Washington State Ferries Page.

November 13, 2012. King 5 News. 2 New Washington ferries named Samish, Tokitae.

November 13, 2012. Kitsap Sun: Two new state ferries named Samish, Tokitae.

November 13, 2012. TDN.com: 2 new WA ferries named Samish, Tokitae.

Updated November 13, 2012. The Petition Site: Name the next WA State ferry Tokitae. Congratulations to Samish.

National Public Radio. November 13, 2012.

November 13, 2012. The Olympian: 2 new WA ferries named Samish, Tokitae.

October 10, 2012. Anacortes American: A new state ferry could still be named after Samish.

October 10, 2012. Anacortes American: Samish Improve Shoreline at Weaverling Spit.

October 5, 2012. Anacortes American: Clam up, Ivar supporters. Ferry should be named Samish.

September 12, 2012. Anacortes American: Ferry name a new way for state to recognize the Samish

September 8, 2012. Indian Country Today Media Network: Help Support Samish Indian Nation's drive to name Washington Ferry "Samish"

September 5, 2012. Anacortes American: Tribe rounding up support to have ferry named for Samish

June 22, 2012. Larsen Legislation Would Provide Permanent Protection to Samish Land in Skagit & San Juan Counties

June 10, 2012. Skagit Valley Herald: Swinomish, Samish share their culture.

May 15, 2012. Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission Press Release: Native American cultural celebration returns to Deception Pass State Park

May 12, 2012. Puget Sound Knappers (www.pugetsoundknappers.com): Knapping with the Samish

May 9, 2012. Anacortes American: Healing Cedars: Samish honor Tesoro tragedy victims with plaque, trees

March 31, 2012. Go Skagit: Cap Sante students leave their mark at restoration site


October 26, 2o11. Anacortes American, and November 1, 2011. Fidalgo This Week: Illegal Dumping Cleaned Up by Tribe

September 22, 2011. Skagit Valley Herald: Samish Win Court Decision

September 21, 2011. Turtle Talk: Federal Circuit Revives Part of Samish Indian Nation Damages Claims against US in Federal Recognition Case

August 23, 2011. Go Skagit: Samish Tribe Proposes Casino on Highway 20

August 22, 2011. Seattle News Times: Long-suffering Samish say casino might change luck

August 3, 2011. Whidbey News Times: Tribes go easy on Oak Harbor

June 30, 2011. Anacortes American. Samish Nation Celebrates 15 years of achievements

June 26, 2011. Anacortes Now: Samish Canoe Races on Fidalgo Bay

June 22, 2011. Go Skagit. Samish War Canoes Race on Fidalgo Bay Saturday

June 21, 2011. KOMO 4 Radio News. Human Remains found in Oak Harbor, full story was read including full statement given by Tribal Chairman Tom Wooten.

June 19, 2011. Indian Country Today: The Journey to Swinomish

June 14, 2011. Whidbey News Times: Native Americans celebrated at Deception Pass State Park

May 31, 2011. Washington State Parks News Release: Native American cultural celebration returns to Deception Pass State Park


June 20, 2010. Skagit Valley Herald: Samish Healing Pole Represents Life Coming from Tragedy

June 26, 2010. Skagit Valley Herald: Huckleberry Island transferred to the Samish

June 4, 2010. Whidbey News Times: Parks honor Native American Culture in June

Elders Program Health Lecture Series: Medication Management

Anacortes, WA

Concerned about managing medication, not sure of the best options, come to our presentation from the Samish Health Department to learn more.

Dates: 23 – 23 May, 2019

More Details

Samish Youth Trip to Cypress Island: Culture and Land Stewardship

Anacortes, WA

Overnight camping trip to Cypress Island for youth ages 8 - 18. RSVP by May 4.

Dates: 01 – 02 Jun, 2019

More Details

Teaching of Cedar Part 3

Anacortes, WA

Join us for the Teachings of Cedar series, the third of three classes. Please RSVP to save your spot!

Dates: 08 – 08 Jun, 2019

More Details

Salish Singing and Drumming - Part 1

Anacortes, WA 98221

Join us to sing songs, practice drumming, and learn methods for singing in a Coast Salish style.

Dates: 09 – 09 Jun, 2019

More Details

Elders Luncheon Planning Meeting

Anacortes, WA

It's our final week of preparations! Samish Elders Program Luncheon planning, organization and set-up will be happening all week.

Dates: 24 – 28 Jun, 2019

More Details

Annual Samish Elders Luncheon

Anacortes, WA

Please RSVP to Katy with a count of Tribal Elders planning to attend. Open to regional Tribes of the Salish Sea.

Dates: 28 – 28 Jun, 2019

More Details

2nd Annual Samish Film Festival

Anacortes, WA, 98221

Two evenings of films and documentaries focused on native stories.

Dates: 28 – 29 Jun, 2019

More Details

Salish Sea Háwe7- June

Anacortes, WA 98221

Join us for a cultural boat tour through the San Juan Islands and Samish traditional territory.

Dates: 29 – 29 Jun, 2019

More Details

June Cultural Day

Anacortes, WA 98221

A day of cultural activities and lunch.

Dates: 29 – 29 Jun, 2019

More Details

Salish Singing and Drumming - Part 2

Anacortes, WA 98221

Join us to sing songs, practice drumming, and learn methods for singing in a Coast Salish style.

Dates: 13 – 13 Jul, 2019

More Details

Birch Bay Waterslides

Blaine, WA 98230

You are invited for a day of fun at Birch Bay Waterslides!

Dates: 13 – 13 Jul, 2019

More Details

Canoe Journey Landing at Samish

Anacortes, WA

Tribal Canoe Journey lands at Samish!

Dates: 23 – 24 Jul, 2019

More Details

Youth Backpacking

Anacortes, WA, 98221

Youth Backpacking for ages 8 - 18. RSVP by July 8.

Dates: 02 – 04 Aug, 2019

More Details

Salish Sea Háwe7 - August

Anacortes, WA 98221

Join us for a cultural boat tour through the San Juan Islands and Samish traditional territory.

Dates: 10 – 10 Aug, 2019

More Details

Seasonal Plant Harvesting - Cattail

Anacortes, WA

Learn about traditional plants and how to harvest them.

Dates: 10 – 10 Aug, 2019

More Details

Wild Waves

Federal Way, WA 98003

Join us for day of fun in the water!

Dates: 18 – 18 Aug, 2019

More Details

Camp Samish

Bow, WA, 98232

We will have cultural crafts, language learning, storytelling, and more!

Dates: 22 – 25 Aug, 2019

More Details

Mariners Salute to Native Americans

Seattle, WA 98134

Join the Seattle Mariners for Native American Night!

Dates: 12 – 12 Sep, 2019

More Details

Bentwood Boxes

Anacortes, WA

Learn to make your own Bentwood Box.

Dates: 14 – 15 Sep, 2019

More Details

Cattail Weaving

Anacortes, WA, 98221

Come make cattail mats with us! Please RSVP by September 6 so we can have enough supplies on hand.

Dates: 14 – 15 Sep, 2019

More Details