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Purpose: To focus on providing culturally enhanced support services to Samish citizens to stabilize housing.

Some of the topics and services provided through this program are:

  1. Economic Mobility
  2. Housing
  3. Criminal Justice
  4. Behavioral Health
  5. Family Stabilization

This program offers Tribal citizens services designed to meet the day-to-day financial stressors to lower anxiety levels and ensure a safe and stable housing environment. The purpose of assisting with these financial stressors is to ensure the provision of goods (needed household items) or payments of expenses (medical bills, etc.) which directly help a household to obtain or maintain permanent housing or meet essential household needs to prevent the loss of housing.

Examples of day-to-day financial stressors that are eligible include, but are not limited to:

  • Childcare cost
  • Medical/Dental costs (medicine, glasses, medical equipment, etc.)
  • Transportation costs (car repair, car maintenance, gas, bus passes, etc.)
  • Work clothes, supplies, or professional presentation needs
  • Legal costs
  • Vehicle licensing (tabs, tickets, reinstatements, etc.)
  • School uniforms or supplies
  • Necessary furniture.

In addition, the Swoleqwelh program has launched the Xchngí7n, slhtálengexw i7 kw selí7 (Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit) events calendar. These events are open to all citizens to support healthy lifestyles and reduce stressors.