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Lead Housing Support Specialist

$23.38 - $31.05 FLSA Non-Exempt
40 hours per week, Monday-Friday with potential weekend and evening work
Accepting Applications
Apr 26, 2019
First Review:
May 10, 2019

The Lead Housing Support Specialist is responsible for overseeing the case management components of the program, in addition to providing intensive case management services to individuals and families enrolled in our program. Overseeing case management plans; partners and works collaboratively with community resources for housing, employment, substance abuse treatment, mental health treatment, training and makes referrals as appropriate.

Principle Duties
  1. Responsible for oversight and support of the case management program.
  2. Ensures program effectiveness and client outcomes are achieved.
  3. Responsible for providing intensive case management on an as needed basis.
  4. Ensure necessary follow-up, referrals and documentation are completed in a timely manner
  5. Ensure strength-based practice is fostered within the program and modeled during case management sessions.
  6. Responsible for tracking, reporting and communicating program effectiveness by documenting clear and reliable program reports, outcomes success stories and statistics.
  7. Contribute to strategy development and strive to improve department functions and performance.
  8. Ensure compliance with all funding streams as if relates to case management program.
  9. In conjunction with Housing Director, develop a Life Skills Education program that includes but not limited to financial management, housekeeping, credit repair, eviction prevention strategies, etc.
  10. In conjunction with the HHS Leadership team, develop and implement a Health and Human Services multi-disciplinary model, to ensure that all services offered are integrated, flexible and strengths based.
  11. Facilitate family team meetings and coordination Landlord Engagement and Outreach as appropriate.
  12. Responsible for upholding a culture of privacy and security in highly confidential work environment.
  13. Complies with all Tribal policies and procedures that involve access to and safeguarding of client protected health information.
  14. Prepares Monthly reports for the Housing Director, if applicable.
  15. Attends local, regional and national meetings and training workshops related to homeless and prevention programs and services.
  16. Maintains a clean and professional work environment.
  17. Adheres to all personnel and financial policies and procedures, and works cooperatively with Housing Committee, Samish Tribal Council and employees.
  18. Other work-related duties as assigned.
Required Qualifications
  1. Bachelor’s degree in a related field (BA can be replaced with four years experience in direct social service or equivalent years of experience plus a minimum of two years working with homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless individuals and families).
  2. Two years or more of case management experience and supervisory experience.
  3. Knowledge of resources for families to include but not limited to mental health, substance abuse and housing
  4. Curriculum development, instructional design and training facilitation skills
  5. Must become a HUD Certified Visual Assessor within 30 days of employment. This is accomplished by successfully completing a 20-minute online training on HUD’s website.
  6. Experience with or ability to learn the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) data reporting system.
  7. Must have the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, with funding agencies, attorney, contractors, Tribal Council and staff, and the public.
  8. Complies with all tribal policies and procedures that involve access to and safeguarding of client protected health information
  9. Must have a valid Washington State driver’s license and be able to meet the minimum insurance requirements regarding driving record in order to utilize GSA vehicles.
Working Conditions

Physical Demands: Long periods of sitting, including driving (60% of time); occasional bending, crouching, stooping, stretching, reaching, lifting, carrying, and pushing (20% of time); and occasional standing and walking (20% of time). Occasionally lifts/carries up to 20lbs. Must possess manual dexterity sufficient to use office equipment with frequent repetitive motion such as writing, typing, paperwork handling, and phone use. Must possess the ability to view print on a computer screen and/or paper document; the ability to speak and hear exchanging information with end users by telephone

Mental/Visual Demands: Frequent mental and/or visual attention to task is required. Occasionally work requires heavy concentration. Frequent interruptions. Tasks involve eye-hand coordination. Working Environment: Work environment is mainly indoors with heat and some air conditioning. Must sit or stand at desk for the majority of shift. Occasionally works alone without benefit of supervisor or coworker. Unavoidable hazards/risks: Frequent vehicular travel; work requires minimal risks which require safety precautions (using some cleaning chemicals for light cleaning). Protective clothing or equipment may be required (goggles, gloves, masks, boots, etc.)

CONFIDENTIALITY: This position develops, maintains, and is responsible for safeguarding the computer/electronic and hardcopy file folders containing sensitive and proprietary information about the Tribe and its members. The incumbent must maintain confidentiality of all work and files pertaining to enrollment, clients, survey results, and all other material that may identify individuals by name (either directly or by reference), as set forth by the Tribal Council in the Personnel Manual. Any violation in this matter may result in immediate termination of employment.

Samish Indian Nation is an Equal Opportunity Employer and actively encourages applications from all persons regardless of race, religion, gender, gender identity, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, or ancestry. Samish preference and Indian preference will be applied to the selection for this position as defined in Title 25, US Code Section 473.

Please state your eligibility for Indian preference in your cover letter. Indian preference must be documented prior to interview or hiring. BIA Form 4432 or tribal enrollment ID may be submitted with the application if claiming Indian Preference.

Preference for hiring consideration will also apply to current or past parents involved in the Head Start Program.

All persons who are offered employment with the Samish Indian Nation must give permission for a thorough background check of previous work performance, motor vehicle history, credit history and criminal history.

This position is a “covered position” under the Tribe’s Indian Child and Family Violence Act Policy and all applicants must undergo a background investigation in order to be hired for this position. The Tribe will not hire, permit anyone to work or volunteer in a covered position if the person has ever been found guilty or entered a plea of no contest or guilty to any offense under federal, state, or Tribal law which involves violence, threat of violence, sexual assault, molestation, exploitation, prostitution, crimes against persons, or offenses committed against children.

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