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Planning Director

Job title:
Planning Director
General Manager
33.11 - 41.43 FLSA Exempt
40 hours per week
Reviewing Applications
Mar 23, 2018, 00:00 AM
Mar 23, 2018, 00:00 AM

The Planning Director is responsible for overseeing all areas of responsibility within the Planning Department. The Planning Director oversees the development and updates of current and long-range plans, Tribal land development and project management, facility repair and preventative maintenance, and supervises grant writing technical assistance provided to programs. The position works closely with the Tribal Council and General Manager to coordinate strategic efforts with projects and plans.

Full-time Regular at completion of six-month probationary period


  1. Oversees the Planning Department and provides supervision and guidance to all departmental staff
  2. Represents Samish Indian Nation at local and regional intergovernmental planning meetings and coordinates multi-jurisdictional planning as directed by the General Manager
  3. Oversees the development and updates of codes and ordinances related to planning and land use
  4. Reviews, routes, and issues land use, zoning, and other permits for Samish properties as needed
  5. Oversees the preparation and regular updating of the Tribe’s comprehensive plan and long-range vision (seven generations) and ensures concurrency with other planning documents and ordinances
  6. Supervises emergency preparedness and management planning
  7. Manages tribal transportation program including supervision of planning, studies, and analyses conducted by planning staff
  8. Oversees project development and asset management (including Tribal lands, capital facilities, and fleet) activity to ensure Tribal property is kept clean, safe, well-maintained
  9. Coordinates monthly planning meetings with Council to continue work related to planning, community development, and capital projects
  10. Manages collection and assessment of comprehensive data on Tribal Member needs and programs for planning and funding decision making
  11. Coordinates the research for funding or loans that support capital improvement projects as directed by Tribal Council
  12. Supervises grant technical assistance, needs assessments, and program planning provided to other departments by planning staff
  13. Coordinates preparation, update, and status monitoring of fee to trust applications
  14. Works cooperatively with members of the community, staff, and Tribal Council
  15. Maintains a well-organized and professional work environment
  16. Other duties as assigned

Required Qualifications:

  1. Must possess a Master’s Degree in Planning or closely related field and two years experience planning for tribes or other governmental agencies; or B.A. in Planning or closely related field and four years directly related experience planning for tribes or other governmental agencies
  2. Must have two years of demonstrated supervisory experience
  3. Must possess ability to conduct research, assess data, develop strategies and make written recommendations of activities to meet tribal needs
  4. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office to include Word, Excel, Publisher, Access, and Outlook
  5. Must have excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills
  6. Must be able to travel or work flexible hours for research and projects
  7. Must possess integrity and initiative
  8. Must be able to lift/carry up to 20lbs


Desired Qualifications:

  1. Knowledge of grant application processes and requirements of funding agencies
  2. Knowledge of various grant programs available to Tribal government including ability to read, interpret and apply laws, rules and regulations
  3. AICP Certification strongly preferred
  4. Introductory understanding of Federal Indian law as it relates to tribal government development
  5. Ability to take initiative and utilize innovative techniques and ingenuity in preparing grant applications

    6.  Ability to develop, write, and implement strategic plans and to provide necessary             documentation to support grant requirements




Physical Demands: Long periods of sitting (60% of time); occasional bending, crouching, stooping, stretching, reaching, lifting, carrying, and pushing (20% of time); and occasional standing and walking (20% of time). Occasionally lifts/carries up to 20lbs. Must possess manual dexterity sufficient to use office equipment with frequent repetitive motion such as writing, typing, cash-handling, and phone use. Must possess the ability to view print on a computer screen and/or paper document; the ability to speak and hear exchanging information with end users by telephone Mental/Visual Demands: Frequent mental and/or visual attention to task is required. Occasionally work requires heavy concentration. Frequent interruptions. Tasks involve eye-hand coordination. Working Environment: Work environment is mainly indoors with heat and some air conditioning. Must sit or stand at the desk for the majority of shift. Occasionally works alone without benefit of supervisor or co-worker. Unavoidable hazards/risks: Work requires minimal risks which require safety precautions (using some cleaning chemicals for light cleaning). Protective clothing or equipment may be required (goggles, gloves, masks, boots, etc.) Random drug tests may be performed.




Samish Indian Nation is an Equal Opportunity Employer and actively encourages applications from all persons regardless of race, religion, gender, gender identity, age, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, or ancestry.  Samish preference and Indian preference will be applied to the selection for this position as defined in Title 25, US Code Section 473.

CONFIDENTIALITY:  This position develops, maintains, and is responsible for safeguarding the computer/electronic and hardcopy file folders containing sensitive and proprietary information about the Tribe and its members.  The incumbent must maintain confidentiality of all work and files pertaining to enrollment, clients, survey results, and all other material that may identify individuals by name (either directly or by reference), as set forth by the Tribal Council in the Personnel Manual.  Any violation in this matter may result in immediate termination of employment.


Please state your eligibility for Indian preference in your cover letter.  Indian preference must be documented prior to interview or hiring.  BIA Form 4432 or tribal enrollment ID may be submitted with the application if claiming Indian Preference.

All persons who are offered employment with the Samish Indian Nation must give permission for a thorough background check of previous work performance, motor vehicle history, credit history and criminal history, as well as a pre-employment drug screen. The Drug Free Workplace Policy has not changed since the passing of WA State I-502. While Initiative 502 legalized marijuana within Washington State, employers maintain the right to decide on their tolerance policy. Because we receive federal grant dollars from the federal government, we still consider marijuana as an illegal substance and its use and possession completely prohibited.