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2020 Tribal Council Elections

2022 Elections

June 26, 2022

Samish Constitution provides for both mail and in person balloting, therefore we will continue to offer both options as we have in the past years.  There will be no in person meeting or other on-site activities offered on June 26th besides drive through on site polling, out of a concern for public health.  Since the health and well-being of our citizens are of utmost importance, Samish leadership strongly encourages all citizens use the mail in ballot option when exercising their right to vote this year.  We will also be able to share the Election Superintendent announce results of the election live at the conclusion of the Virtual General Council meeting.  

Citizens who do not receive a ballot should contact Enrollment Officer, Nicole Smith at (360) 935-0737.


Vice Chairman

Tim King


Tamara Rogers

Council Position 7

Gary Hatch

Jeffrey Wooten