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Canoe Journey - Samish Landing

No camping is allowed at Seafarer's, per city code. There is very limited camping space at Fidalgo Bay Resort's lower field with no amenities. The suggestion is for canoe families to stay camped at Swinomish another night, as in prior years, and commute to the Samish landing and meals.

We are expecting canoes to land anytime between noon and 3.

Dinner will be at 5. Skippers meeting at 6:30
Protocol/sharing at 7:00
Please make sure to come back for any future updates.

The Canoe Journey brings together thousands of Native peoples from around the Pacific Northwest to travel by ocean-going canoes to share culture through songs, stories, and dance. The Canoe Journey is regarded as a return to healing and unity through culture.

Wednesday departure will be very early, with some canoes leaving as early as 5:00 am.

To find out more about Canoe Journey, we recommend starting with Emmett Oliver's 1989 Paddle to Seattle.

This year’s Samish Canoe Hosting event will be held at Seafarers’ Memorial Park in Anacortes.


We are expecting far more vehicles in the area than Seafarer's Memorial Park can manage. Please try to make carpool arrangements whenever possible. Be very careful not to park in any location labeled No Parking on the map outlined in RED (any time) or ORANGE (specified hours of 7am to 5pm). These lots are leased by private businesses in the area and reserve the right to tow vehicles in order to ensure their customers have access.