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SR20/Almida Vista Access Project

Project Background:

WSDOT approved Samish to do the first phase of the project which is finishing all of the project except for the final layer of asphalt which needs to be done during warmer temperature and to return to the project late Spring/ Summer to finish the final layer of asphalt. Samish is wanting to begin this project asap to accommodate road safety concerns turning into the new fuel and gas station "Samcor Fuel & Tobacco"

Questions and Answers for all bidders:

This section will be updated regularly as questions are asked

Q: Do you know when the tribe would like this work performed?
A: Samish is interested in this project happening as soon as possible.

Q: Do you know if the contractor must be prequalified to work for WSDOT, or is this contracted through the Tribe?
A: This project is contracted through the Tribe though the work will be on the state highway and completed work must adhere to WSDOT requirements (which are in the plans).