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Canoe Journey - Puyallup Landing

Camp moves from Muckleshoot to Puyallup on Friday, the 27th while pullers will travel to Dash Point in preparation for the final landing on Saturday, July 28th.

Join Samish Canoe Family on Canoe Journey. We will be pulling from Dash Point to Puyallup. This is the final landing. For prime seating we encourage you to get to the final landing early and celebrate the pullers with us!

ATTENTION: Please park and catch the shuttles to the canoe landing at 2102 Alexander Ave, Tacoma, WA 98421

Parking opens at 8am and there will be a free shuttle to take from the parking area to Landing. Highway 9 will be CLOSED at 9am on Saturday, 7/28 - DO NOT DRIVE TO LANDING.