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2018 Samish Transportation Planning Update

In 2018, the Samish Indian Nation began an update to its transportation-related plans. We're rolled several related planning processes into one coherent planning project that is tailored to meet the transportation needs of the Samish Indian Nation as effectively as possible. The update was completed in January 2019.

The 2018 Samish Transportation Planning Update included review and updates to the tribe’s Long-Range Transportation Plan, Tribal Transportation Improvement Program, National Tribal Transportation Facilities Inventory, and Tribal Transportation Safety Plan. Components of the 2018 Samish Transit Plan Update were included in the Long-Range Transportation Plan update and Tribal Transportation Improvement Program Update to ensure concurrence.

This review and update was essential to maintaining transportation plans that are required under federal law and will support the design and construction of Samish tribal transportation facilities, including a roundabout at the intersection of SR20 and Campbell Lake Road, a finished road to the future People’s House, and other priority projects.

Updated Plans

Draft Updates

Existing Transportation Planning Documents