Natural Resources

The Natural Resources Department is charged with preserving, protecting, and restoring natural resources important to Samish Tribal Citizens for now and future generations.

Samish Department of Natural Resources

We are involved in environmental monitoring, protection and restoration in marine, freshwater and terrestrial environments. Our projects include a wide range of activities from stormwater monitoring, plant and animal population studies and climate change analysis to full scale beach and river restoration projects and marine debris removal. We use traditional ecological knowledge and insights from Tribal members to influence our work to ensure availability of traditional use materials and native foods for current and future generations. The department also provides mapping services for the entire organization and participates in outreach events on behalf of the Tribe.


DNR - Work Map Tour

Explore the Samish DNR's work protecting and monitoring the environment in Samish Traditional Territory.

Samish Oregon Spotted Frog Monitoring

Explore Samish DNR's efforts in protecting, conserving, and restoring Oregon Spotted Frog Habitat in Samish Traditional Territory.

Samish Kelp Monitoring Project

Explore Samish DNR's efforts in monitoring and protecting Bull kelp in Samish Traditional Territory.

Samish Marine Debris Clean up

Explore Samish DNR's efforts in cleaning up Marine Debris and Creosote off the shorelines in Samish Traditional Territory.