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2024 Tribal Council Elections

2024 Elections Results

June 30, 2024

A total of 1,727 ballots were mailed on May 28, 2024. 77 ballots were returned as undeliverable but 74 voters were mailed replacement ballots. On June 30th, 350 ballots were counted. 4 ballots were rejected because the voter had not signed the attestation line. Results of the election are outlined below.


Tom Wooten318 votes100%


Nicole Smith299 votes100%

Council Positions
(Positions 5 and 6 Open)

Jenna Burnett249 votes76.73% (Elected)
Theresa Metcalf204 votes62.87% (Elected)
Jeffrey Wooten134 votes41.29%
Shannon Carruthers62 votes19.11%