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Higher Education Assistance Award

The Samish Higher Education Assistance Award is financial Support available to Samish Tribal Citizens after high school to further their education in programs such as undergraduate degrees, vocational training, Master's degrees, and others. Please contact the Education department if you have questions about whether your program is eligible for support. Awards are calculated considering a number of factors including annual budget capacity, number of members participating, and so on.

Note to recipients: All awards received under this program are covered under the IRS ruling regarding General Welfare Benefits for Tribal Members. Under this rule, awards are not considered part of the recipient’s gross income and do not qualify for inclusion by schools during Federal Financial Aid calculations. Here are two IRS sites that provide information regarding the application of this benefit and information regarding Tribes' General Welfare.

Should you need any guidance or assistance understanding these rules, please contact the Education department.

For NEW STUDENTS (who have never applied OR are re-applying after two or more quarters without assistance) 

For CONTINUING STUDENTS (who have recently received assistance and have a current academic plan)