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The mission of the education program is to promote educational programs that foster the preservation of Samish culture and traditions and instill a desire for lifelong learning in all Samish tribal members.

We do this by providing the following services for enrolled tribal members:
  • Higher Education Assistance Awards (after high school): Financial Support is available to Samish Tribal Members after High School. Please contact the Education Program directly for the current forms & applications.  As of August 2018, we have a waitlist for undergraduate funding for the 2018-19 Academic year.  Any completed applications received will be added to the waitlist in the order they are received completed in case funding becomes available.
  • Tutoring Support: Financial Assistance is available, for tutoring services, for K-12 students completing a GED/HS Diploma.  Please contact the Education Program directly for the current forms & applications.
  • Course Completion Incentive Program: Samish Tribal Members are eligible, once per quarter, for a $100 award for completing a post-secondary school course. Please Login and follow the link to the online application for Course Completion Incentives

For all 3 programs, Tribal members should login to the website for additional information and Course Completion Online Application

For Education Assistance questions or to contact us for the latest forms, use the E-mail us contact link.

  • USFS Internship Opportunity

    by Adam Lorio | Oct 03, 2018

    Hello all, this opportunity was passed along by our Samish Natural Resource Program, looking for Native American students.  Great way to get Natural Resource and Public Lands management experience!

    Apply Now: USFS Native American Research Assistantship | THE WILDLIFE SOCIETY

    The Wildlife Society, alongside the U.S. Forest Service, a Premier Partner of TWS, has announced new Native American Research Assistantships for 2019.

    This is the fifth year for the professional development program, which facilitates opportunities for Native American students to be mentored by USFS Research & Development (R&D) scientists and promotes student advancement and training for careers in natural resource and conservation-related fields. Assistantship participants aid and learn about the USFS’ ecological science-based approach to decision-making and balancing multiple-use management of national forests and grasslands.

    The deadline for applications is November 5, 2018.


  • Higher Education Assistance Update, Undergraduate Funding

    by Adam Lorio | Aug 24, 2018
    Wow, for the first time in a while, we currently have a waiting list of students who have completed applications requesting undergraduate Higher Education Assistance.  For the 2018-19 school year, the entire budget approved by Tribal Council is planned for spending to support our tribal members pursuing studies after High School.  Waitlisted students will be notified immediately if funds become available.  We will continue to accept appplications for the waitlist.  We are grateful every year that Tribal Council chooses to support our students in achieving their academic goals and excited to be supporting so many students this year.
    If you have students looking for guidance in pursuing studies after High School don't hesitate to have them contact us.  We love to help.

  • Back to School Time

    by Adam Lorio | Aug 09, 2018
    It is indeed that time of year again, some districts across the country are already back in session.  Here in the Anacortes School District, they are preparing for the start of the new 2018-2019 school year.  The Anacortes Schools Foundation is once again sponsoring this year's Ready to Learn Fair.  This Saturday, Aug 11th from 9-noon at the Anacortes Middle School, families can get information and assistance to prepare for the new school year.
    More information here: Ready To Learn Website
  • Samish K-12 Student Back to School Help

    by Adam Lorio | Aug 09, 2018
    Thank you again to Samish Tribal Council.  Council approved a budget again this year to help our Samish K-12 students purchase back to school supplies.  We will be sending $100 checks to each student in our enrollment database.  Checks should be mailing soon.  Keep an eye out for them!
  • Dive Deep into the Salish Sea!

    by Adam Lorio | Jun 24, 2018
    Hi All, We are super excited to be working on a science exploration camp in partnership with NASA and the Northwest Earth and Space Science Pipeline (NESSP) staff at UW.  We will be offering inquiry based experiential learning opportunites as we travel to Puyallup by Canoe this year.  (July 24th-Aug 4th)
    Use this link to let us know you would like to find out more about what we are planning!

    Click here to request more information

    Camp 2018

  • Calling All Samish Graduates

    by Adam Lorio | May 10, 2018
    Hello all, it is getting to be that time of year again!  We want to recognize any Samish graduates at our General Council Meeting at the End of June.  If you know someone who is graduating and would like to hear their name announced, please follow this link and fill out the form so that we can share their success!

    Samish Graduate Announcement 2018

    If you are a K-12 Graduate in Washington State and want to wear traditional regalia like a cedar cap or eagle feather, check out this letter from our State Superintendant of Public Instruction supporting our students!

    OSPI Regalia Graduation Letter
  • AIGC Scholarships Open Now!

    by Adam Lorio | May 08, 2018
    Hi all, We are working to provide more information for Samish Students at all levels.  We hope that sharing information here is useful.  Please let us know and when you see opportunities, let us know so that we can share them as well.

    The American Indian Graduate Center is a great resource and has several scholarships open right now for college students of all levels.

    Check out this link for more information:
    AIGC Scholarship Information

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Nooksack Elder's Luncheon

Everson WA
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Crafts and Community Potlucks

Anacortes WA 98221
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Artists Studio Tour

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Third Annual Health Fair

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Rock Climbing

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Píxwel Esq’áplh/Fall Camp Samish

Oak Harbor WA 98277
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Crafts and Community Potlucks

Anacortes WA 98221
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Harvest Meal

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Culture Committee Meeting

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Lights of Christmas

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Everett Silvertips

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Christmas Party

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