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Committee Applications

The Tribal Council may establish any committee necessary to assist it in carrying out its duties under the Constitution. Provision for standing committees shall be by ordinance; provision for ad hoc committees shall be by resolution. The number of members and manner of appointment shall be set forth in the committee ordinance or by resolution as well as the purpose, authority, duration and duties of the committee. Committee members must be tribal citizens if the committee is to exercise delegated authority of the Tribal Council. [Samish Tribal Codes 2.20.120]

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  • Appeals Board

    It is the goal of the Samish Indian Nation to provide governmental services to members in a fair and responsible manner. To serve this goal, the Samish Administrative Appeals Board (“Appeals Board”) is hereby established and shall provide a forum for tribal members and employees to appeal administrative decisions of the Tribe. The guiding principle in the Appeals Board’s mission is to ensure compliance with the Tribe’s goal of providing services to its members and employees in a fair and responsible manner.

  • Election Board

    The Election Board implements all elections conducted pursuant to the authority of the Samish Constitution. They will perform duties related to elections such as monitor and oversee the conduct of tribal elections within the jurisdiction of the Samish Indian Nation.

  • Samcor Board

    Set up to conduct the cultural and/or economic development activities of the tribe.

  • Cultural Committee

    The Culture Committee oversees Samish culture events and activities and works with staff to preserve and enhance cultural traditions.

  • Budget Committee

    The Nation’s standing committee that works with the Tribal Council Treasurer on budgets for Tribal programs, committees and entities.

  • Education Committee

    The Education Committee reviews and makes recommendations to Tribal Council about policy for education and higher education to reflect the needs of the Tribe.

  • Enrollment Committee

    The Enrollment Committee shall review, evaluate, and process all applications for tribal citizenship. It shall recommend to the Tribal Council approval or rejection of each complete application.

  • Health Committee

    The Health Committee oversees health issues, policy and procedures, and reports to Tribal Council with recommendations.

  • Housing Committee

    The Housing Committee oversees housing issues and procedures and reports to Tribal Council with recommendations.

  • Language Committee

    The Language Committee oversees the Samish language program and procedures and reports to Tribal Council with recommendations.

  • Natural Resources Committee

    The Natural Resources Committee promulgates regulations for gathering of plant material, the methods of gathering, and other measures for the protection and wise gathering of plant materials within the Tribe’s jurisdiction.

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