Climate Change Adaptation Planning

The Samish Climate Adaptation Working Group, comprised of Samish tribal members, Council members and staff members, will lead this process. The Working Group will discuss a variety of climate changes, including increasing temperatures, changing precipitation patterns, increased flooding, decreased water availability in summer months, sea level rise, and ocean acidification.  We will further discuss how these changes impact the following resources and assets:
We plan to prioritize impacts that pose the most significant concern, based on Samish values, in order to focus preparation efforts towards key areas.

The final product from this planning process will be a list of priorities that will guide the Tribe in developing actions to respond to the risks posed by the changing climate. This list will be presented to the Samish Tribal Council, anticipated in Fall 2017.

Climate Change Working Group

Name  Role
Leslie Eastwood Tribal member, General Manager
Dana Matthews Council Secretary, Health and Human Services Director
Jenna Burnett Tribal Council Member, Finance Department
Jackie Ferry Cultural Director/Tribal Historic Preservation Officer
Toby McLeod Tribal Member, Natural Resources Department
Zam DeShields Planning Director

Project Staff

Name Role
Todd Woodard Director, Natural Resources Department
Stacy Clauson Climate Adaptation Assistant 

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