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Our S7elálexw (old people) have always been the holders of wisdom and teachers of the generations to come.  They are our most valuable resource.  Our program works hard to help them continue sharing their gifts.

Samish Elders and Caregiver Program:

The Elders/Caregiver program provides a healthy meal and social interaction for elders five days a week. Lunch is served Monday-Thursday and breakfast on Fridays.  Wednesdays, we gather earlier in the day for crafting and socializing.  Wednesday is also when individual health screenings, assessments, and medical counseling are offered by our professional staff.

Regular gatherings at Building 1 (the Octagon) at Summit Park:


  • Lunches: Monday-Thursday gather at 11:30am, meal about Noon *
  • Breakfast: Friday at 9:30am

Please contact us to see if you are eligible for the Samish Elders Nutrition Program free or reduced cost meals.

*Please see list of closures below


  • Monday – Thursday Crafting from 9:30am – Noon.

Health Screenings:

Starting about 11:30am: Individual health screenings, assessments, and medical counseling by our Samish Public Health & Diabetes Program Staff.


The resource below is for those who may be elderly, households with children, foster care, or taking care of a relative. The resource has information about food assistance, prescription medicine assistance, and other needs:

Washington State Department of Social and Health Services

Samish Elders Program Meal Closures
On the following days, we will not have meal service at the Octagon:

(Reminder: Lunch is available at the Anacortes Senior Center (ASC) for free daily from 11:30-12:30 pm, they are closed on major holidays.)

Chelángen Live! - Cedar Bracelet Class

Online Cedar Bracelet Class

Dates: 03 – 03 Jun, 2020

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Chelangen Live! - Shawl Class

Online shawl class

Dates: 08 – 08 Jun, 2020

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Dates: 09 – 09 Jun, 2020

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Chelángen Live! - Shawl class

Chelángen Live! - an online shawl class.

Dates: 10 – 10 Jun, 2020

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Chelángen Live! - Wool Headband Class

Online wool headband class

Dates: 17 – 17 Jun, 2020

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Samish Elders Virtual Gathering

Dates: 26 – 26 Jun, 2020

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Film Fest, Day 1

Dates: 26 – 26 Jun, 2020

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Virtual June Cultural Day

Dates: 27 – 27 Jun, 2020

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