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Chelángen Live Chat & Craft!

15 December, 2021, 5 30 PM-7 30 PM
Anna Bromberger

Welcome to Chelángen Live Craft & Chat. This is a crafting circle to bring your projects and have some social time. There will be various people throughout these events that can help you with your projects, whatever they may be.

This will be a series of end of season project wrap ups. There will be a session November 3rd, Dec 1st & Dec 15th. 


Please keep in mind that Chat and Craft is meant to be fun and lighthearted. We kindly ask that you avoid polarizing or controversial discussion topics so everyone can enjoy the gathering. Chelángen staff can help redirect the conversation.


 We look forward to seeing you! Contact rsvp@samishtribe.nsn.us for questions!