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Samish Language Program

The Mission of the Samish Language Program is to revitalize and reclaim the Samish Language (Xws7ámeshqen) to preserve and strengthen our sovereignty, history and cultural ways; promote traditional values and improve the quality of life for the Samish People, by educating all Samish people in our language to enrich spirituality, dignity, and identity.

Samish Language Program: 

The Xws7ámeshqen Program is authorized by the Samish Indian Nation Council to plan, develop and implement the preservation and revitalization of Xws7ámeshqen with the additional goal to encourage Tribal Members to be Xws7ámeshqen teachers. As such, the Master Apprentice method (Hinton 2002), along with the 13 Moons Curriculum (Saanich) was adapted for teacher training.

Additionally, The Xws7ámeshqen Program provides technical support to Samish Staff and the Samish Community; often on a person to person basis. By engaging on a person-to-person level, Xws7ámeshqen Program is able to tailor support to specific needs.

The Samish Language Program is forever grateful for the interviews linguist Brent Galloway recorded more than twenty-five years ago with Victor Underwood Sr. and Lena Daniels, two fluent speakers of the Samish Dialect. Their vocal gift offers each new generation the chance to keep their breath alive.

Samish Language Committee: 

The Samish Language Program is guided and advised by the Samish Language Committee. The Committee welcomes new participants who are interested in learning Samish. The Committee normally meets on cultural class days at the Samish Indian Nation Administrative building. In addition to regular committee business, there is a large amount of time spent on Samish Language education.

Fall Cultural Day

Anacortes | Dates: 30 Sep – 01 Oct, 2017
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Health Fair

Anacortes | Dates: 07 – 07 Oct, 2017
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October Council Meeting

Anacortes | Dates: 14 Oct, 2017
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Culture Class – Beading

Anacortes | Dates: 21 – 22 Oct, 2017
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November Council Meeting

Anacortes | Dates: 04 Nov, 2017
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Harvest Dinner

Anacortes | Dates: 04 – 04 Nov, 2017
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Enrollment Committee Meeting

Anacortes | Dates: 14 Nov, 2017
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Everett Silvertips Hockey

Everett | Dates: 19 Nov, 2017
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Culture Committee Meeting

Dates: 03 Dec, 2017
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December Council Meeting

Anacortes | Dates: 09 Dec, 2017
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Tribal Christmas Party

Anacortes | Dates: 10 Dec, 2017
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Offices Closed - New Year's Observed

Dates: 01 Jan, 2018 – 01 Jan, 2021
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