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Information Technology

The mission of the Samish Indian Nation's Information Technology department is to provide strategic IT vision and technological solutions to the Samish government and staff for the betterment of tribal citizens.

Some of the things we do:

This Website

We host and maintain our own website. Our website uses a content service provider called Sitefinity, on which we develop custom styling, data organization, and site functionality.

Equipment Management

We are responsible for managing technology assets owned by Samish Indian Nation. This involves the selection, set-up, maintenance, and asset-tracking of every computer, mobile device, and peripheral device distributed to Samish staff.


We are responsible for the installation, configuration, upkeep, and security of networks at Samish Indian Nation properties. More than granting internet access to Samish staff, these networks grant Samish staff secure access to work resources from offsite and provide public access to certain Samish services.


When network, hardware, or software issues arise, we troubleshoot and correct those issues. This can vary in scope quite wildly, from one-on-one technical support to recovering from server outages. We also provide support to Samish citizens who encounter issues using our services, such as the website accounts or virtual event participation.

Process Automation

Government is complicated. There's lots of records to be kept, lots of rules to remember, lots of people to be kept in the loop, and lots of repetitive tasks to perform. We develop systems which automate Samish business processes. This makes our business processes more reliable, consistent, and robust.