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  • Want to keep your data? Back it up!

    by Christopher McCool | Aug 09, 2018
    We all know it happens – computers crash, malware infects them, or somebody downloads that cool, new program that crashes everything! While there are many tips and tricks of great value for preventing your devices and data from being compromised, it is important to also have a backup of your information in case something goes wrong!
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  • Sun, Sand, and Cybersecurity

    by Christopher McCool | Jul 06, 2018
    This month, in partnership with the National Cyber Security Alliance, we aim to provide some valuable tips on staying cyber safe while heading on a summer vacation. Whether you are out exploring or relaxing, it is important to strive to be as secure as possible with your digital devices and information.
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  • How to Spot Phishing Messages Like a Pro

    by Christopher McCool | Jun 18, 2018
    When a user falls for a phishing message, the malicious actor achieves their purpose of getting the victim to hand over sensitive information such as login names and passwords. Though we count on technologies and controls to minimize threats, phishing exploits users through social engineering, which allows the malicious actors to side step these protections.
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  • Reducing your Information Footprint

    by Christopher McCool | May 14, 2018
    While spring cleaning your home and, if you’re like me, the top of your desk, consider also cleaning up your information footprint. Your information footprint is how much information about you is recorded and available in both digital and paper formats.
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  • Securing Devices by Making Simple Changes

    by Christopher McCool | Apr 19, 2018
    Many people may not consider their connected devices to be a security threat, but they absolutely can be. One of the issues with such devices is that many of them do not come configured with security in mind and connecting an unsecure device to your network is like leaving the back door to your house unlocked as it gives attackers access to your personal information.
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  • Staying Safe from Tax Scams

    by Christopher McCool | Mar 16, 2018
    Though Benjamin Franklin is often quoted as saying “in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” an updated version for the current day would need to include tax scams.
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  • Spotting and Avoiding Olympic Scams

    by Christopher McCool | Feb 05, 2018
    In February, the best athletes from around the world will gather in PyeongChang to test their skills against one another at the Winter Olympics. Entire countries will wait with excitement to see the outcomes of individual competitions and count the medals. However, as with any high-profile event, cybercriminals and scammers will also focus on the Games, using your interest in the Olympics to try to trick you...
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